My name is Lauren, and I am a CAP Global Citizens alumna entering second year. I’m from a small town in the Okanagan called Enderby, which is where I’ll be spending this summer working at a child care centre, volunteering with a number of projects, and spending my free time out on the lake. I particularly enjoyed the interdisciplinary nature of the Coordinated Arts Program, as it allowed me to connect with like-minded individuals with various interests. In and out of class, my peers and I discussed challenging topics in our daily interactions, and some of my most significant realizations this year came from these conversations.

Outside of school I love playing sports, so I’m looking forward to joining a drop-in volleyball team next year, and I’m considering a few other clubs such as Rotaract, IRSA, or Free The Children. I plan on majoring in International Relations, which is a common major for many of my peers from the Global Citizens Stream, so I hope to see some familiar faces in my second year courses!

Session Schedule Term 2:  Wednesdays 4-5 pm, IBLC 460