CAP Conference

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Thank you to all students and faculty members who participated in the 2018-19 CAP Conference!

At the end of each academic year, CAP hosts its annual academic student conference to celebrate students’ pursuit and production of knowledge in the various research streams. Students are given the opportunity to showcase their work to their peers, faculty, friends, and family. The CAP conference incorporates a variety of formats through which students can display and share their work, including posters, paper presentations and talks, website and slideshow presentations, and much more. The multi-modal and collaborative nature of this conference highlights the strength of CAP and its talented students.

We welcome presentations that address a variety of themes connected to CAP:  first-year experiences; social justice movements; global citizenship (both local and national movements); civil and human rights; Aboriginal and Indigenous cultures and rights; social media; visual culture; popular culture; economic events; law and history; gender and sexuality; diversity and action; consumerism; globalization; and more. Presenters are welcome to share their academic research, mix personal experience with scholarly knowledge, showcase creative or multimedia projects, or share work they are doing in their communities.


Our 2021 CAP conference was held on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

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