Inside the Capsule: Interview with 2022-23 Junior Editor Andrea Reyes Moran

Since 2021, the Coordinated Arts Program’s student-run journal The Capsule has provided CAP students with the opportunity to submit their work for publication, bringing together the program’s five streams, and celebrating scholarship by the CAP community. The publication of the journal’s annual issues would not be possible without the editorial board, which consists of current CAP students, and CAP alumni. In this “Inside the Capsule” series, we interview various members of the editorial board for more insight on The Capsule as a journal, and the members’ specific roles in the editorial process.

This next instalment of the series features Andrea Reyes Moran, who was one of the junior editors on the 2022-23 editorial board. Andrea reflects on her experience being a junior on the editorial board, and provides advice to CAP students interested in having their work published in The Capsule.

When did you start becoming involved with The Capsule, and what motivated you to join the editorial board?

I became involved with The Capsule by the end of my first year at UBC as I was finishing the Media Studies stream of CAP. I was motivated to join the editorial board because I had become very interested in the varying disciplines of the Coordinated Arts Program and wanted to help showcase just how broad the topics within the program are. I had also noticed the incredible quality of work that my fellow CAP classmates produced during the school year, and thought it would be very fulfilling to be part of the team that helps highlight these outstanding pieces.

Describe The Capsule in one word, then explain why you chose that word.

Integration: I believe that The Capsule integrates the different disciplines and subjects that students across CAP streams cover throughout the year and assembles them into a cohesive publication.

What do you enjoy most about your role on the editorial board?

The part that I enjoy most about being a JE for The Capsule is collaborating with other CAP alumni to create something we’re truly proud of. Navigating and learning about academic publishing alongside my peers was a very enriching experience and I was fortunate enough to work with other wonderful JEs, [whom] I loved cooperating with over the summer.

In your opinion, what are some of the most challenging aspects of your position as a junior editor?

As a junior editor, it was really challenging to curate the article shortlists. Having to pick only two written pieces per stream when there were so many incredible submissions was very difficult. Additionally, it’s a time-consuming and sometimes tedious task to go over the format and style of each article to make sure our publication was consistent, properly cited, and ready to be published as a peer-reviewed journal.

What advice do you have for CAP students interested in having their work published in the journal? What resources would you recommend for them?

My advice to any CAP student interested in having their work published is to not forget about their written pieces after submitting them for a class.

“Share your writing with your professors and classmates, ask for feedback, and go over your writing style and clarity! Use the resources available to you through UBC such as the Centre for Writing and Scholarly Communication, and your professors' office hours.”
Junior Editor

This will make the quality of your piece stand out from other submissions and will improve your chances for publication.

For more information on The Capsule, please visit the journal website.