Dr Glanville’s community-engaged scholarship studies the intersection of pedagogy and narrative arts in the field of cultural refugee studies studies, developing critical-creative approaches for using refugee narratives effectively in educational contexts. From 2017-2019, Dr Glanville held a Social Sciences and Humanities Council Postdoctoral Fellowship in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University, “Digital Storytelling as a Method for Critical Dialogue on Refugees in Canada.” Borderstory, one of the project’s media outputs, can be found at https://vimeo.com/42754559. Dr Glanville participates in the international research project “Hostile Environments: Policies, Stories, Responses” and is on the Executive Committee of UBC’s Centre for Migration Studies. Dr Glanville is the editor of Countering Displacements: The Creativity and Resilience of Indigenous and Refugee-ed Peoples (U Alberta Press). Other publications include the forthcoming “Refugee Narrative as Pedagogy” in The Routledge Handbook of Refugee Narratives, “An Intermedial Pedagogy for Sensing Communities of Shared Fate at the Border” (Intermedialities), and “Refracting Exoticism in Video Representations of the Victim-Refugee” (Crossings). Dr Glanville also serves on the Board of Directors for Kinbrace Community Society and is helping guide their community-based research “From Humanitarian to Human: Changing the Way We Welcome Refugee Claimants.”

ASTU 100 Arts Studies