Global Citizens

Lauren Shykora“I chose the CAP Global Citizens Stream because it immersed me in a small yet diverse student group to collaborate and discuss a wide range of contemporary topics of global citizenship, while linking ideas between different discourses. The joint lectures with all CAP professors were particularly memorable and highlighted the interactive and collaborative nature of the CAP program. My year in CAP consolidated my decision to major in international relations, and I hope to later find a career in international humanitarian work.”

Lauren Shykora, Global Citizens, intended major International Relations


Nico“I chose to enrol in CAP was because I longed to be part of a community that strove for excellence not only in the classroom, but as active global citizens. Through the Global Citizens stream, I was exposed to a wide array of courses that challenged us to examine our world in their specific contexts and to make connections across multiple academic discourses. CAP made the daunting transition from high school to university almost seamless and enabled me to develop great relationships with my peers, but also with my professors over the school year.”

Nicolo Jimenez, Global Citizens, intended major Human Geography


adeletheriasphoto“The most valuable outcome that I obtained from the CAP program is my ability to draw connections between any two classes that I am taking, allowing my education path to become enriched by numerous subjects of interest while having a strong foundation and a clear idea of how things fit together.”

Adèle Therias, Global Citizens, Geography major



cropped-jack.jpg“…I think my ASTU class brought amazing help to my writing. Having an innovative introduction to university-level writing, the ASTU class immensely improved my confidence in writing as well as my ability to apply my writing skills to other classes.”

Jack McClelland, Global Citizens, International Relations and English major


Maegan Cowan“My classmates from CAP remain my friends today and my former prfessors are still some of my best mentors. The POLI 20 class in my Global Citizens stream was the spark that ignited my interest in international relations and helped me to decide on a major that I love. CAP was one of the best choices I made in my time at UBC!”

Maegan C., Global Citizens, International Relations major



Aaron L.“CAP gave me a chance to meet people on a more personal basis, both in terms of like-minded peers, and my professors.  It was great to have a group of friends that I knew had similar interests and similar schedules. I don’t think I would have approached my professors for help if it weren’t for the small group environment CAP offered.  These relationships are the most important thing I took away from CAP.  Four years later, my CAP friends and I are still going out for sushi together.”

Aaron L., Global Citizens, Geography major (honours)


“Choosing CAP in first year was one of the greatest experiences of my university career. The people I met in CAP are still my best friends today and not a day goes by today that I don’t run into a fellow CAP alum on campus. Besides the great social aspect, the Co-ordinated Arts Program also provided a great foundation for the proper research and writing skills required at UBC. If you are planning on taking a B.A, I’d highly recommend CAP.”

—Mikhail E., Global Citizens, Anthropology major


Thilini L.I had an amazing experience and loved being part of the program. As a commuter student during my first year it was hard to find my place in such a large university but the program allowed me to develop a close knit community. As a CAP student I was able to have three common classes with other students and build a close relationship with those professors and students due to the small class size.”

Thilini L., Global Citizens, Geography major