PPE (Philosophy, Political Science, and Economics)


“Being a part of the PPE CAP stream exposed to me to a variety of subjects and introductory concepts that would help refine my interests at UBC. Although I quickly came to learn that Economics was not for me, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet some amazing professors that would inevitably help me understand what I’m good at and what excites me to learn. Since then, I have become fully committed to studying Political Science and hopefully one day entering Law school. The PPE stream pushed me to become a better writer and researcher, and helped me develop my critical thinking skills through a curriculum that emphasized my own passions. I was able to make make good connections with my fellow PPE students and many of my professors.”

Noah N., PPE, intended Political Science major



“The CAP program provided an excellent transition from high school to university and provided me with a “skills toolkit” to succeed at UBC. In particular, my ASTU class with Dr. McNeill prepared me to tackle academic writing and research. I learned how to ask effective questions and the critical thinking skills I gained I was able to apply in all my research papers.”

Camille de Gracia, PPE, Political Science major





vsaranphotodotcom-PRINTONLY-39“CAP was quite simply a brilliant start to UBC. The improvement in my writing, of particular importance in the Arts, was incredible and set me up to write better papers and consequently receive better marks. I think that CAP started me developing skills that will aid me in my professional endeavors.”

—Luke M., PPE, International Relations and Economics major