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September 3, 2019

Today marked my final Imagine UBC as an undergraduate student.

I vividly remember walking down Main Mall on a cold September morning as an excited (yet nervous) first-year student and meeting my OL group by the Flag Pole like it was yesterday. I recall what was said and where I sat for each session from start to finish – playing icebreakers, listening to Meet the Dean and O-Prof sessions, and being inspired at the Pep Rally.

Something about the energy in the air and (nervous) anticipation in the atmosphere of what awaited us as students that first Imagine Day drew me in and made me come back. Since then, I have enjoyed every moment of it.

Over the years, I have had the privilege of being a part of every Imagine UBC in some capacity – first as a participant, then as an Orientation Leader for two years, and another two as a Senior Orientations Leader. It is a joy to welcome students to campus with all their vast experiences and knowledge as I was welcomed five years ago. I found my passion for the first-year experience working with fellow student leaders and wonderful staff members through the years.

Being the first impression and point of contact for many new-to-UBC students has made me realize the importance of building community on campus. As we enter a new school year, let us foster inclusiveness and be reminded of the assets we all bring – whether we are entering our first or fifth year – that make our institutions great. We all want you to succeed and there are resources and people who are here for you. It is yours & it is up to you!”

UBC Prospective Undergraduates
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