Program Policies

In CAP, we recognize that regular attendance, coupled with informed and active participation during class, is a crucial factor in student success. Please uphold your responsibility to your academic community as we learn and produce knowledge together.

  • Attend all classes, except under extenuating circumstances (e.g., personal or medical emergency).
  • Inform instructors, ideally before class, should you be unable to attend due to such circumstances.
  • Make up for missed materials by reviewing the course outline and seeking input from classmates.
  • Connect with Arts Academic Advising should these circumstances require you to seek Academic Concession.
  • Arrive on time and stay for the entire class so as not to disrupt others.
  • Come prepared for class having completed readings and assignments.
  • Engage in the learning activities of the class, e.g., through active listening, asking questions, contributing to group work and class discussion, and abstaining from activities (e.g., surfing, texting, sleeping, chatting) not related to class.

There are consequences for significant non-attendance. According to university policies, missing 40% of classes (including seminars and discussion groups) in a semester may prevent you from writing the final exam.

Students who are physically present but not engaged in the activities of the course may be marked absent.