This summer, I’m going to try to self-study Japanese in preparation for the next school year so I can finish my language credits for Arts. I’m also going to bind my first text block notebook, which should be exciting besides all the paper folding! I didn’t join any clubs first year, so I’m going to start looking for those sometime before September, as well as some interesting UBC facts to share with my Imagine group. What I’m looking forward to most for the next school year, however, is actually a class I want to take — ASIC 200. An interdisciplinary look at global issues sounds challenging and fun, and is kind of also what Law and Society did between the humanities and social sciences. I can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned with CAP to my classes, and to the peer tutor sessions to come.

Study Session Schedule Term 2: Fridays 3-4, IBLC 381 (Inside IBLC 380)