UBC’s Coordinated Arts Program is a dynamic multidisciplinary first year program that transitions students into the rest of their university journey while introducing them to relevant topics within the humanities, social sciences, and creative and performing arts disciplines.

The Coordinated Arts Program offers interlinked courses, frequent interaction with a core group of peers, and ongoing support and encouragement from faculty and staff. Each of its five learning communities, or “streams”  focuses on a broad research topic and courses are designed to engage this topic across the disciplines. At the end of the year, students have opportunities to showcase their research and work. They can present at the CAP Conference, an event for students, faculty, and the university community, or submit their work to be published in our new student journal, The Capsule.  

Since its launch in 2005, the number of CAP students enrolled each year has more than doubled. Today, more than 500 students from 45 countries worldwide register in the program every year.


Program Overview

Get an introduction to how the program is structured into streams, the courses being offered, and how to register.
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CAP is comprised of five different learning streams, in which students attend lectures, discussion groups, tutorials, and seminars in small class sizes.
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