The Coordinated Arts Program is a first-year program that helps students ease into university while introducing them to exciting topics within the humanities, social sciences, and creative and performing art disciplines.

By registering in one of CAP’s streams, students enter into a unique study experience within a learning community featuring interlinked courses, frequent interaction with a core group of peers, and ongoing support and encouragement from faculty and staff. Each stream focuses on a broad research topic and courses are designed to engage this topic across the disciplines.


Program Overview

Get an introduction to how the Coordinated Arts Program is organized, the CAP 100/101 requirement, and what comes after the program.
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Explore the step-by-step guide to registering for the Coordinated Arts Program at the University of British Columbia.
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CAP Courses

CAP Courses

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CAP made it a lot easier to adapt to university life, especially as an international student. Having classes with the same cohort helped me meet some of my closest friends and get to know people with diverse interests. I would definitely recommend taking CAP in the first year as it prepares you for upper years in a challenging yet supportive environment.

Individual & Society, Psychology major (honours)