Since the Coordinated Arts Program was launched in 2005, alumni have achieved incredible individual and collective success.

This supportive and catered learning environment sets students up for a more successful transition to the full university experience. This program offers incredible breadth and diversity of learning, students can obtain breadth credits and explore all kinds of possible majors.

From incredible student leaders who are recognized with the Faculty of Arts Student Leaders award to transformational youth who make contributions to the community through opening a library and hub for Black and BIPOC people in Vancouver – our alumni are people who have made and continue to make waves in the local and global landscape.

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The Coordinated Arts Program invites alumni and friends to support thinking that can change the world.

At UBC, we generate ideas that improve and inspire. You can have a lasting impact on generations of students and scholars through your involvement and investment. This can be as simple as volunteering your time or as generous as making a donation.

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