Arts Academic Advising supports the academic success of the Faculty’s 14,000 undergraduate students.

From the point of admission, the Advising team can provide programs and services to help you make informed and thoughtful decisions about your academic path throughout your degree.

In addition to that, there is also dedicated support available to all students in the Coordinated Arts Program and Arts One. These advisors understand the unique first year experience and their goal is to assist students in understanding academic requirements for university programs, navigating policies and procedures, discussing program options and plans, and helping students improve their study skills.


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Because I came from a relatively smaller, tight-knit community at my high school, transitioning to the city-sized UBC campus wasn’t an easy switch. That’s why being part of the CAP community during my first year was a true blessing for me, as I was surrounded by academic opportunities and social support that I otherwise may not have been able to access outside of CAP.

Sophia L.
Global Citizens, International Relations major


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