Our Streams

CAP is comprised of five different research streams, in which students attend lectures, discussion groups, tutorials, and seminars together. These small classes encourage intimate learning communities that enrich the educational and social experiences of a student’s first year. CAP’s stream topics allow students and faculty to discuss similar ideas from various perspectives and to practice discipline-specific research approaches. The two-term time frame enables students and faculty to explore issues in complex ways and to undertake sophisticated research projects. The year-end CAP Conference celebrates this research experience.

Students in each CAP stream take 18 credits – 3 of which, in ASTU 100, satisfy the University’s Writing Requirement – and up to 12 credits in electives outside of the CAP curriculum. In all streams but PPE, students will also satisfy 3 credits of the University’s Literature Requirement by completing ASTU 100 (see below for more details and information).

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2018/19 CAP Streams

This table provides a high-level overview of the streams offered by CAP.

Streams Media Studies Global Citizens Individual & Society Law & Society PPE
Credits 18 18 18 18 18
Courses ASTU 100, CRWR 213, FIST 100, VISA 110, JRNL 100 ASTU 100, SOCI 100,POLI 100, GEOG 122 ASTU 100, ECON 101, PSYC 101, ECON 102, PSYC 102 ASTU 100, POLI 101, HIST 104, ANTH 100, GRSJ 101 ASTU 101, ECON 101, POLI 100, PHIL 102, ECON 102, POLI 101
Common Majors (based on alumni data) Psychology, Theatre & Film, Gender, Race & Social Justice Geography, Psychology, Political Science, Sociology, International Relations Psychology, Economics, Sociology, Geography, International Relations Psychology, History, Political Science, International Relations, English Psychology, Political Science, Economics, International Relations, Philosophy, English