What is ASTU 100/101?

Arts Studies 100/101 introduces students to the academic community and how its practices of scholarly reading, writing, and research produce knowledge. This small class of approximately 25 students is only offered by CAP. The small setting is ideal to help students hone their critical reading and thinking skills, develop their scholarly writing skills, and learn university-level research skills. Each stream has several sections of ASTU 100/101, but students are only required to register in one of them. 


ASTU 100 is a six-credit, two-semester course that combines the study of literature with the study of academic research and writing. ASTU 100 thus satisfies 3 credits of both the Literature Requirement and the Writing Requirement.

ASTU 101 is a three-credit, one-semester course on academic research and writing, which satisfies the Faculty of Arts Writing Requirement, but not the Literature Requirement.

For detailed descriptions of sample ASTU 100 and ASTU 101 course offerings, visit the pages for each stream. Note that while all ASTU 100/101 faculty follow a common curriculum and pursue shared learning objectives, instructors tailor the topic of their course to their own research areas of expertise.