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I have come from a family with a poor financial background. But my sincere efforts have taken me to today’s position, overcoming my hard and struggling life. I was a FDPE (Finnish Doctoral Program in Economics) research fellow, one of the toughest competitive positions in Finland. I completed my PhD in Economics from the University of Helsinki in 2009. I obtained a number of scholarships during my post-graduation studies. I worked for the Bank of Finland for a while.

Besides teaching for UBC, I taught for a number of universities that include Simon Fraser University. Courses taught include Microeconomics and Macroeconomics at both introductory and intermediate levels, Money and Banking, International Economics, Development Economics, Mathematical Economics, Economics and Business Statistics 1 & 2, Econometrics, and International Macroeconomics and Finance.

In addition to my academic activities, doing regular physical exercise is part of my daily life. Singing songs is one of my favorite hobbies.