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Kathryn Grafton is a tenure-track Instructor (English and CAP) who specializes in Canadian literature, media, genre and reception studies, as well as academic writing and research in and across the disciplines. She is the Associate Editor of CanLit Guides (published by the journal, Canadian Literature), an online learning resource that introduces university students to the field of Canadian literature. She is the former Co-Chair of UBC’s Coordinated Arts Program (2012/13-2014/15), a multidisciplinary cohort program for first-year students, and currently teaches in CAP’s Media Studies stream. Her work in educational leadership includes a series of initiatives, with collaborator Laurie McNeill, to strengthen team-based, multidisciplinary teaching and learning in CAP, and a cross-discipline, community-based learning project with colleagues Christine D’Onofrio and Kim Snowden. Kathryn is also part of a team that is developing and piloting a digital walking tour of Aboriginal history and presence at UBC Vancouver, entitled Knowing the Land Beneath Our Feet (team members include Daniel Heath Justice, David Gaertner, Spencer Lindsay, Sarah Ling, Evan Mauro, and Amy Perreault). She has presented conference papers on educational initiatives at Inkshed, Digital Diversity, and STLHE, and her research on readers, genres, and the Internet has been published in Linguistics and the Human Sciences and Genres in the Internet.

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