Dr. Lori MacIntosh received her Ph.D. in the Sociology of Education in 2013. She has been teaching in the Faculty of Education since 2009, and in Critical Studies in Sexuality since 2011. Lori also serves as an academic advisor in UBC’s Doctor, Patient and Society (DPAS) Undergraduate Medical Program. Her research interests include critical studies in gender and sexuality, queer theory, youth media studies, and the intersecting realms of social justice theory. Lori has authored numerous articles critically examining the public construction of queer bodies, youth media production, and anti-homophobia education. Lori’s current research examines educational reforms that author public constructions of the young queer body, as threatened, victimized, and vulnerable. Exploring the idea of “risk” in spaces where youth articulate queerness, and where their queerness is interpolated and reiterated for the benefit of others, Lori questions attempts at educational reform and the affective spaces where queer youth both embody and exceed these frames.