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IBLC 357 (inside of IBLC 355)

I received my Ph.D. in English from UBC in 2011 and have taught literature and academic writing here since 2010. My scholarly research is situated at the intersection of poetry, cultural studies, and memory studies. Currently, I’m working on a book manuscript, “Poetry after 9/11: Crisis, Memory, and the Public Life of Poetry,” as well as on a new project that explores the cultural and memorial work of contemporary conceptual poetry. I have essays on literature and memory published in English Studies in Canada, Memory Studies and Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature. I also hold an M.A. in Creative Writing from Concordia University and am the author of a book of poems, Ragtime for Beginners (Killick, 2008). You can find out more about me at

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IBLC 357
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