Individual & Society

“CAP made it a lot easier to adapt to university life, especially as an international student. Having classes with the same cohort helped me meet some of my closest friends and get to know people with diverse interests. This diverse cohort created an environment where I felt comfortable to explore my interests and try out different fields, ideas and ways of thinking. CAP’s coordinated schedule made sure there were no overlapping deadlines so I was able to learn to manage a university workload while feeling supported. I would definitely recommend taking CAP in first year as it prepares you for upper years in a challenging yet supportive environment. “


—Radha, Individual & Society, Psychology major (honours) 



“In CAP, I took 3 very different courses that all shared some commonalities. Through that, I was able to try different courses, find what I liked and disliked, and was also able to see the benefit of interdisciplinary thinking (a term you will learn to love if you take CAP)! I think everyone should take CAP because it provides them with a chance to be an academic and practice academic skills, even if they don’t feel like an academic. One thing my professors always emphasized was giving everything a chance, even if there might be error; and what safer place to maker errors than in a close community of peers who are in the exact same place as you? All in all, if I was to do it again, I would still do CAP. It is a program that shows first years the value they add to the world of academia… the value you add to the world of academia!

—Mary, Individual & Society, Psychology major 




“When it came to making the final decision about the program, I chose Individual & Society because it incorporated one of my favourite graphic novels – Persepolis. But it turned out to be much more. The theme in my year -“consumerism and consumption”- harmonized ideas and concepts from multiple subjects that piqued my interests. I was equipped with critical thinking skills and provided with the most supportive community that recognized what I brought with me as a person.”


Rohina, Individual & Society, International Relations major



mildr“The highlight of this program for me was the CAP conference when I was a speaker presenting my research paper to CAP students and professors. It was a great experience that I would recommend to any prospective students, because you get to present your own work during the conference. Looking back at first year, I highly appreciated this program that allowed me to have a different first year program than other people. I met the best professors and also my best friends in this program.”

—Mild R., Individual & Society





“I believe ASTU should be a required course for all 1st year students. The skills I have acquired in academic writing have helped me tremendously in many of my other classes, especially with writing research papers. I received high marks on all of my term papers because ASTU provided me with a great learning foundation in writing and research that I would not have received otherwise.”

—Danielle F., Individual & Society


“Joining CAP in my first year was the best decision I could have made, as it opened my mind to the variety of paths that I could take in my academic career. What I remember most about my time in the CAP program is the sense of community it offered. I gained friends from every CAP stream and only through sharing thoughts and experiences with them was I able to decide on my major. CAP definitely was the right choice for my friends and me, and I believe it is the right choice for anyone!”

Sina B, Individual & Society, Political Science major


“Looking back on my experience at UBC, one of my best decisions was enrolling into the CAP program. The CAP program eased the transition from high school to university with the cohort system, a standardized class schedule you share with peers who hold similar academic interests. The structure of the program allows for more interaction among peers and emphasizes “out of the box” thinking through connecting unique issues from separate disciplines, for example psychology and economics. Reflecting back, the core critical thinking, research, and writing strategies I developed in ASTU 100 have helped me time and time again post CAP.”

—Lauren L., Individual & Society, Accounting major