About Us

UBC’s Coordinated Arts Program is a dynamic multidisciplinary first year program that eases students’ transition to university while introducing them to exciting topics and concepts within the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Creative and Performing Arts.

By registering in one of CAP’s streams, students enter into a unique study experience within a learning community characterized by interlinked courses, frequent interaction with a core group of peers, and ongoing support and encouragement from faculty and staff. Each learning community, or stream, focuses on a broad research topic (e.g., Globalization, Power, & Society), and courses are designed to engage this topic across the disciplines. At the end of the year, students can showcase their research at the CAP Conference, an event for students, faculty, and the university community.

Why CAP?

CAP makes the transition from high school to university smoother by offering standard timetables, coordinated assignment schedules, a dedicated study space in the Irving K. Barber Learning Centre, and the constant support of peers and faculty. The personal and academic engagement offered in CAP has led many of our alumni to go on to earn higher grades in their subsequent years at UBC.

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