Our People


Our enthusiastic and approachable instructors work to ensure that learning materials, course assignments, and examinations are coordinated in each stream, and collaborate on one team-taught activity throughout the year. They focus on teaching critical thinking and foundational skills to support student learning.


Our dedicated program staff work tirelessly behind the scenes to make CAP a success every year. They are always ready to help with any questions you have about CAP – visit them in the Gateway space!

Academic Advising

CAP and Arts Advising work closely together to support our students. Advisors hold special advising sessions each week just for CAP and Arts Ones students in the Gateway study space, and all Arts Advisors are highly knowledgeable about how our program works, what needs our students have, and what directions CAP can take you after your time with us. Check back to find out the weekly Gateway advising times for 2017/18.